Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Christmas break was rather uneventful! My new business is in full swing now, and that combined with college has taken away my blogging time. So far, everyone seems to be loving their Freedom Feeders. I am so happy to be able to educate and help so many people! I've also never had any sort of business before, so I am enjoying that. It is all very low key, but I have sent out about 15 orders so far and it seems everyone has been pleased. Romeo has finally decided he loves his net, and Johnny has always been very attached to his.

If you are unfamiliar with Freedom Feeders, feel free to visit my facebook page:


So, back to my personal horses:

-Johnny is swell! I haven't done much with him, and he's a hairy beast, but he is a happy, healthy camper currently.

-Romeo...not so swell. He is lame again but I can't really figure out what is causing it. It doesn't feel like hocks anymore, so he goes back to MSU vet school for a full lameness exam on Friday.

He was doing so well over Christmas break, but when school started, I wasn't riding as much and he got about 2 weeks off. When I started back he got worse again. He has better and worse days, but there is still something definitely going on. Today when I was grooming him, I noticed swelling in the sacral area. If anyone has any clue what this is please let me know :)

Lovely, right?
I have only been trotting him about 5-10 minutes a day, just trying to keep him in some type of program. It was definitely warm. The other side has very minimal swelling if at all.


I also ordered a trailer! I read so many CoTH reviews on Risa and her Hawk Trailers, I just had to have one! That also meant that we needed to purchase a trailering vehicle. We ended up with a diesel Excursion, which we named Mr. Big.

I will be sure to take lots of pictures when the trailer  comes in! Should be in 3-4 weeks as it is custom. Extra tall, long and wide 2 horse, with a 5' dressing room, fan in horse area, extra tail lights, drop down windows, extra shoulder windows, etc. It will be so nice to just be able to go somewhere when I need to!


If all goes well and we figure out what is wrong with the Romes, our first planned event is at the end of March at Poplar Place in GA. He really enjoyed the course there this fall and I hope we can figure out what is bothering him.