Freedom Feeder

So what is a Freedom Feeder?

The Freedom Feeder is a small hole hay net made in the USA. Basically, they make horses take their time eating small amounts of hay (or forage) like they would in the wild. It slows down quick eaters and keeps hay in constant supply for horses who don't have access to free choice hay. They are absolutely a must for horses with stomach issues too (this includes showing or traveling horses!) Small amounts of forage constantly throughout the day are extremely essential and important for conditions like ulcers, as saliva is a natural buffer for acid.


- Very easy to use (easy to load hay-no disassembling!)
- Save money by wasting less hay
- Hay less often without worrying about your horse running out as quickly
- Reduce the risk of ulcers
- Maintain a healthy weight (Great for IR horses)
- Great for trailering and at shows
- Reduce boredom habits - cribbing and chewing

If you have any questions, please email me at I will be happy to answer any questions or share any experiences.

Mini/Trailer Size:
Johnny enjoying his mini sized hay ne
He loves his FFs entirely too much and is rather attached to them...
Holds 1-3 flakes (up to 15 lbs of hay)

Extended Day Size:

Romeo making grumpy faces because his neighbor wanted some.
Holds 5-7 flakes (up to 35 lbs of hay)


  1. Where do I buy the Freedom Feeder?

  2. Oops scrolled down and saw the link.
    Thanks anyway!

  3. nice feeders are here,i think normal horse feeders are not so costly in market.however this is the best feeder and have a handsome price for a customer.i want to buy it. :(