Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Again

Romeo spent Christmas season with me in Memphis so that I could ride him over break. Yesterday, I loaded the dog in the truck, hooked up the trailers and went out to go get Romes. He was supposed to leave last week but he lost a shoe in the mud. Well, we fixed that so we were rearing to go!

What do I get out of the pasture? A 3-shoed horse. Fortunately, this time I found the shoe, and my farrier was at my TB's barn shoeing him. I threw Romeo in the trailer and trucked over to the other barn. James had his shoe back on in a matter of moments!

Hmmm...what could possibly be missing?
So off we went back to Mississippi. Beezie was a great co-pilot...until she fell asleep.

We arrived in MS last night around 6:30.

Today, we had an open ride day at the MS Horse Park. I had a fabulous dressage school on Heath, and he was actually getting round and really working from behind. Today was my first time schooling Heath in Romeo's dressage saddle. It seemed to fit him quite well.

I then hopped on little Romeo and walked and trotted him around the big ring. He was great too!

Standing in front of my little trailer. I love it so!!

He seemed pretty happy to be in a new place :)

All in all, a great weekend/Monday/Tuesday! Everybody was well behaved and everyone seemed to have a good time. I love taking little field trips and wish I got to more often! Hope everyone else had a great long weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Muddy Mississippi

The Muddy, Mighty Mississippi River definitely lives up to its name. However, now the rest of Mississippi is mighty muddy as well. It has been pouring cats and dogs for TWO entire days now, and does not seem to want to rest! On top of that, the ground is already so saturated that we have flash flood warning, and more importantly, it's going to take forever for the pastures and ring to dry :(

Am I being too selfish to ask the rain to stop? For once in a long while I have a happy, sound horse to ride, and now I can't. I see many road hacks in our future...(if it ever stops pouring.)

This was the ring at the end of LAST week...before the monsoons resumed yesterday.

Isn't it beautiful??

So instead of riding, I went out and gave heath a bajillion cookies...maybe too many.

This face doesn't make me look guilty at all does it?
I'm pretty sure he knows how cute he is too...

So what have I been doing if there is no riding to do?

Slaving away on The Wholesome Horse's website of course and updating my facebook page:
(School work? No thanks.)

I haven't decided if it is going to become a LLC or not, and if anyone has experience with that, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are enjoying the sun and warmth...it is literally 32* and RAINING here.

ilovemississippiilovemississippiilovemississppi...I will just keep telling that to myself.

Friday, January 4, 2013

XC Schooling!

So back in December I got to go XC schooling! It was really fun and much needed after a rather nonexistent riding season. Previously I had only jumped Heath around a few small courses and hadn't done any XC on him, yet alone anyone this year!

I did a bunch of ditches and BN/N jumps. I even got to drop down a bank into the pond! It was seriously fun and I got a video of the bank! Hope you enjoy. Just a little clip :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Website update

Okay - have changed the name of the website and have made some changes to the design...

The Wholesome Horse

More critiques would be great! I have really appreciated every single critique so far, I think constructive criticism is a wonderful tool and I hope I have changed/fixed a lot in a short amount of time!

Also, a quick pic of the new guy ; )

Meet Heath!

New Years and Some Help Please!

I'm not going to lie...2012 was not overly friendly to me in the horse department. I did a whopping 1 and a half hunter shows, and no horse trials. Last year, I did roughly 10 A shows and 4 horse trials. Big difference from the norm!

And the reason for this was my boys. Romeo is seemingly doing well in his third rehab stint, but Johnny is not really making any progress since his surgery. He actually got WORSE after surgery (we are talking lame at the walk!), but when he got reshod, he seemed to improve and is probably a 1-2/5 lame depending on the day.

" 'ello ladies. "
Additionally, I've been working really hard on my new website! However, while I initially named my new company, I'm not sure how I feel about it now. Here are the ideas I have so far...and I REALLY need your help!

mississippi equine supply
the wholesome horse
the eclectic equine
the elite equine
elite equine ___ (supply? shop?)

My website is here, and I'd really like come critiques. I can change whatever needs changing, including the name/website. If anyone does websites or knows anything, I'd really like some feedback/help!!!

Also...next post I will be talking about the new guy in my life...aka my new half lease horse. :) excited!