Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Muddy Mississippi

The Muddy, Mighty Mississippi River definitely lives up to its name. However, now the rest of Mississippi is mighty muddy as well. It has been pouring cats and dogs for TWO entire days now, and does not seem to want to rest! On top of that, the ground is already so saturated that we have flash flood warning, and more importantly, it's going to take forever for the pastures and ring to dry :(

Am I being too selfish to ask the rain to stop? For once in a long while I have a happy, sound horse to ride, and now I can't. I see many road hacks in our future...(if it ever stops pouring.)

This was the ring at the end of LAST week...before the monsoons resumed yesterday.

Isn't it beautiful??

So instead of riding, I went out and gave heath a bajillion cookies...maybe too many.

This face doesn't make me look guilty at all does it?
I'm pretty sure he knows how cute he is too...

So what have I been doing if there is no riding to do?

Slaving away on The Wholesome Horse's website of course and updating my facebook page:
(School work? No thanks.)

I haven't decided if it is going to become a LLC or not, and if anyone has experience with that, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are enjoying the sun and warmth...it is literally 32* and RAINING here.

ilovemississippiilovemississippiilovemississppi...I will just keep telling that to myself.


  1. GOSH you are having some problems with the rain in the uk we r having the same problem but with ice and snow

  2. Rain can be so frustrating. Sounds like its turning into a very annoying problem for you. Fingers crossed for some sunny weather.