Monday, March 5, 2012

It's not that I don't want to blog...

It's that I don't have anything to talk about!

Romeo still isn't quite right. I'm starting to wonder if it is something higher up, but nothing in upper limb or sacral area palpated sore. He still sucks back changing directions to the left, and is missing his right to left lead change in the back end. We even got a neuro exam done to rule out EPM, but it appears he is negative. My mother reminded me yesterday about his jumping into the mare's paddock several times (~4'), and I'm wondering if maybe there is some inflammation somewhere that we just haven't been able to detect.

I want to say that we haven't jumped 10 fences since October of 2011, which is so disheartening, as he loves to jump. It's his favorite part of any ride.

From a couple weeks ago (he has good and bad days- a little stiff that day but wanted to play a bit):

Johnny turned 13 on Feb 28th, but since I was at school, I couldn't tell him Happy Birthday until I went home this weekend. He has been shedding out like crazy for the past couple weeks, but of course he is still hairy and really needs to be clipped before April for the show season.

Fuzzy wuzzy was a horse..

I am ever so grateful to the Smartpak gut health seminar for introducing me to the Freedom Feeder. Not only has it helped me SO much with Johnny, but I am so happy to be able to educate others about small hole hay nets, and how beneficial and easy they can be. I know I say that almost every post, but every time I come out to the barn and see Johnny snacking away on his net, I am so thankful for the health he is in. This is the first winter where he has stayed healthy over the entirety of the season. I am beyond blessed, and truly think FFs have a whole lot to do with his current health. We struggled for so many years trying to keep him alive and happy, and now I am just beside myself. We changed a lot of other things about his life as well, but I think constant and small amounts of forage are vital to a happy and healthy gut, especially his.

Still looking for answers with Romeo, but hopefully with enough help we will figure out what is wrong.

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