Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update: Bad news...

I took Romeo back to the vet on Friday because after recent blocks and fetlock injections, and prior to that hock injections, he is still not right. Actually, he has gotten more lame.

Video from Thursday:

We did a series of blocks on the left hind, and unfortunately, and it was sound after the high suspensory block. Then trotting he was way lame on the right hind after he felt better on the LH. Awesome.

So...we ultra-sounded and got some bad results. The left hind suspensory was scarred and had tiny tears about 3-4 inches down from the top of the suspensory in the body. Fortunately, he had no lesions. So he has proximal suspensory desmitis. He also has a suspensory strain in the right hind from trying to compensate from the left. Currently there is no heat or external swelling since it appears to be a chronic injury from ~5 months ago.

It appears he had some short term improvement after hock and fetlock injections because of the cortisone which is why he seemed better, and then got worse.

"Whatcha doin' back there?"
Since he has no lesions, he is not a candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma or Stem Cell Therapy. We are also not really a candidate for surgery, although his LH suspensory was described as "bulging." We are starting with 30 days of stall rest with two 5 min hand walks per day. I have a feeling he is going to need some reserpine after a few days.

The vets didn't recommend wrapping, NSAIDs, or ice therapy...

However I would like rehab to be as productive as possible and am looking into renting a Game Ready System and using his Back on Track no-bow wraps I had bought before we knew what was going on. I will discuss this with the vets, but I don't think it will hurt.

I am really, really bummed. However, I was actually rather relieved because we FINALLY figured out what was wrong. I don't have to worry about riding him and damaging him anymore. Thank goodness.

I am currently in Park City, Utah skiing. I didn't get home from the vet school (had to drive back to parent's house) until 9 pm Friday and we left Saturday morning. I am happy to be here...but I feel so bad for my little guy. We are willing to do whatever is necessary to get him to feel better. If you watch the video I posted above, you can see how unhappy he was to the left and his general lack to want to push. I feel bad :(

Deer Valley Ski Resort at Silver Lake


  1. I'm sorry you got bad news...I hope he gets better quickly and you guys survive stall rest.

  2. Bummer for sure.. but it's nice to know whats wrong and now you can move twds helping him heal and feel better :)