Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Almost Time...

...for Romeo's first check up after his diagnosis with PSD (Proximal Suspensory Desmitis).

It has been 34 days since Romeo's official diagnosis. He has an appointment at MSU on Monday. To say I am nervous is putting it extremely lightly. I know hind end PSD doesn't have a very good prognosis, but I am hoping and praying and thinking positive thoughts that he will show some sort of improvement.

He's been pretty good on stall rest, and has only had been sedated 4 (I think?) times in the past month.

My family and I thought about this extensively, and we have decided that most likely we will not be doing surgery if he shows no improvement. If it were a life and death situation, I'd say "yes" in a heartbeat. However, I just don't want to put him through the risk if he will be pasture sound. I'm hoping it won't come to that point.

We are doing a couple of different things that I hope will be helping him heal.

1) Back on Track wraps: I know most of you know about these wraps, but they are filled with ceramic fibers that reflect the natural heat of the leg, increasing circulation, and hopefully increasing blood flow to the suspensory ligament, which naturally has a low blood supply. I wrap him in them every night.

"Do these wraps make my butt look big?"

2) Show Ready System: I had been reading about this product since he was diagnosed. It is similar to a Game Ready, and if you aren't familiar with the product, they are both ice therapy system with air compression. Essentially, it is easier to get the area colder when compression is applied. This particular system, in my opinion, is better than the Game Ready, although I haven't tried one.

Whereas the Game Ready must be plugged into a socket and the ice container and pump is on the ground, the Show Ready is strapped to the horse, making it mobile. Each side has it's on water/ice container and its own rechargeable battery, which carries up to a 6 hour charge I believe. I also love that you don't have to worry about getting hooves wet like you would with traditional ice boots.

I have been using it twice a day 30-45 minutes since Monday of this week, and so far I love it. I can simply tie him by his Freedom Feeder, and he is happy to eat while being iced (being tied is recommended so he can't chew on his tubing that connects the pump controlled on his back to the wraps). I put it on myself the other day, and WOW! It gets COLD! The compression was also very nice, it didn't cause any discomfort and it was actually kind of cool feeling. (No pun intended!) Did I mention it is 1/3 the price of a Game Ready? I did buy the wraps you see below as extra. The short utility boots are recommended for suspensory and tendon injuries. They come with full wraps that cover from the knee or hock to the hoof.

One Controller on each size-- I will get a better picture at some point.

I will update everyone next week! If anyone has any questions about BoT wraps or the Show Ready system, feel free to ask away!


  1. Will keep our fingers (and hooves) crossed for Romeo! Hoping he's doing better!

  2. I have had great things about BoT products! Best of luck! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm hoping for some good news. We will see!

  4. I hope everything goes smoothly for Romeo! I'll be watching and waiting for an update. best wishes to you both!!