Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good update (for the most part)!

Just as a forewarning...I apologize for being such a bad blogger. School is coming to close and I am running out to the barn at least twice a day to ice and walk Romeo. Life has gotten a little hectic and i kept meaning to blog about his re-check, but I just kept running out of time!

Romeo's ultrasound last Monday showed a whopping 20% decrease in thickness of his suspensory ligament where it is inflamed (which happens to be 5 cm distal to the chestnut)! I am so, so happy! I was so afraid he wouldn't have improved, especially since he is older and this is a hind suspensory after all. So we have continued with his Show Ready System, and the BoT wraps. They trotted him on concrete on a straight line and he was SOUND! Woohoo! Only 5 more months to go...although in about 3 weeks he can go outside in a 30'x30' pasture. We are going to be up to 40 minutes of walking in another 3 weeks as well and then we start trotting in hand. Boy, I bet that is going to be exciting. See below.


Yesterday...I was walking him, and he kind of spazzed. In his defense...it was windy and day 45 or so of entrapment, so I can understand where he was coming from...but I just don't appreciate hooves in my face. That is NOT my horse. I can't blame him though, so we gave him some Reserpine last night to see if that would help.

I feel like a bad mom. I came out to the barn to walk and ice as usual today around lunch and the poor little man was so sick. I should have known something was up when he didn't rush to the front of his stall and start yelling at me. Instead I got a little half-hearted whinny and just a little head turn.

 His stomach was SO upset (a side effect of Reserpine) and he was really crampy as well. I don't know if we will continue with the reserpine after this dose because of how bad the side effects were, but we will see.

Don't know if you can see how sucked up and crampy he was...but it was pitiful.

 So we gave him some Platinum Performance Bio-Sponge. It is supposed to be one of the best probiotics around. Actually, I have no clue what it really is, but it stopped him up for a while so I am happy with it. I just know it is for heavy duty uses. And believe me...this was heavy duty.

You can literally see the excitement oozing out.

We really did hold his head up and try hard to get it all in. I know it looks like a massive fail but seriously! We did get the majority of it in. He was not impressed.

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