Friday, December 28, 2012


Had an unfortunate year in the horse world...

My A/O became lame in May at a horse show and after an MRI at Rood and Riddle is seemingly permanently lame. Romeo is on his 3rd attempt at a rehab, but is feeling better after an additional injection to his deep digital flexor sheath.

I am however half leasing a horse at my eventing barn and hope to be competing him early on in the 2013 season. He is big and beautiful! I can't wait.

My business is slowly growing and I am quite excited about that. Most of the year I have focused on undergraduate and my vet school application.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I have really had nothing to update about as I have probably ridden less than 20 times since May.


  1. Glad you're back, I was wondering where you went! Sorry to here about your horses. Update on your lease horse might be in order??

  2. Boo sorry about the stuff with the horses... hope that there is some good on the horizon! :)

  3. Sorry to hear about the lameness! Hpe you have some good times in the near future! Can't wait to hear about the lease horse!