Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventure of the Day

Well, I walked up to Romeo this afternoon and I could tell something was wrong from about 30 feet away. His eye was huge and he had a ton of discharge. The night before he had a tiny, TINY bit of drainage, but nothing at all like this. I figured it was just allergies like Johnny gets.

We went to the vet school this afternoon just to make sure he didn't have a scratched cornea, as that is a major issue. Also the fact that his eye got that large that quickly was a little concerning.

Fortunately for him, nothing major. Antibiotic eye ointment 3x a day for 7 days and Equioxx 4-5 days just to bring down all of the swelling. They aren't sure why his lid is so darn big, but he is already a little perkier since it's been washed out, medicated, and had the duct cleared.


He got weighed today...he weighs 1089 lbs! Holy moly!!!! He is only 14'3 AND he has lost some weight since about 2 months ago.

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