Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awesome Product of the Day: #1

Okay- I think I am going to do a short series on the things that I love and are inexpensive.

You are all going to think I'm nuts. Do you know what deep sulcus thrush is?

I certainly didn't. Johnny has a bit of a clubbed foot, and as you can imagine, since it is odd shaped, it gets thrush pretty easily. Well no big deal, I can treat that. Unfortunately, for a long time, I didn't know that he had thrush growing in his frog.

The frog looked something like this:


See that? That is NOT normal. I never thought anything about it until I was at a show, and Johnny pulled a shoe. The farrier stuck a thing in that hole, and Johnny literally dropped to the ground before he regained composure and stood up. I didn't know it hurt...I didn't know there was anything wrong!

If your horse has that, you needs cow mastitis treatment. I wish I was kidding. However, not only does it heal it extremely quickly, and doesn't test under USEF, but it is so inexpensive! That farrier showed me this stuff and literally stuck the tube all the way down to the end of the applicator in his hoof and squeezed the goo until some came out of the frog. Repeat every time you go to the barn until the frog grows in.

It runs about $2 a tube. Or $25 for a box of 12...which will about last you forever.

Very useful to keep a tube in your trunk :)


  1. Can you order it on line? I am always keeping an eye out for secrets of the trade that other have found! Keep 'em coming!

  2. My trimmer always recommends this stuff (or the other version, Today -- I confess to not knowing the difference offhand). It sounds weird but it really does work!

  3. Yes! I'm pretty sure I ordered it here:


    You can also buy it by the tube at other places.

    I think Today and Tomorrow work similarly, one is just for dry cows and one is for wet cows, both having mastitis.

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