Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back to the vet...

Hopefully the last time for a long while!

Romeo is still stiff in the hocks, even with the Polyglycan. boo. He was much improved after he finished his 4 week series of the Polyglycan. I almost felt like I was riding a 5 year old. However, over the past 3 or 4 weeks his stiffness has increased dramatically, to the point where I feel guilty jumping. He has lost weight, fortunately, with his freedom feeder, and I know that has to help at least a little. However, he still weighs a ton! A whopping 1083 lbs as of just a couple weeks ago (got on the scale at the vet school when his eye was injected)! I am a little nervous as to what he weighed a few months ago before getting his freedom feeder.

So new plan!

He is getting some back on track hock boots for Christmas. I found some cob size ones on Jeffers for under $60. Happy day! For some reason the description says nothing about them being Back on Track, but the item code is BOT and the velcro strap on the picture says Back on Track so I'm hoping they are. If not, I will just return them.

BoT hock boots
Next step is to start giving him Polyglycan 2x a month instead of once a month.  I think that might help as well.

Lastly, he is going to the vet school tomorrow to get flexed and most likely injected.

Hopefully this new plan will work. He will be 19 years young next year, and I am so lucky that he has lasted so long. He is in his forever home, and I will love him whether he can be ridden and jumped or just a pasture pet. I know he is happier when he has a job, so hopefully the injections and boots will do the trick, but he is stuck with me no matter what!

"Who are you lookin' at lady? Give me food."


  1. Hopefully all will resolve for him soon. Getting his hocks injected will probably make the biggest difference, but I found my eventer did best on supplements as well, as he had some arthritis in his back as well.

    Good luck, Romeo =)

  2. I can totally relate! My 19 year old gelding had to go in to the vet school near us this spring due to some lameness issues. Thankfully, they were able to resolve the issues and he is back to work. I hope everything works out for Romeo!

  3. Thank you guys!

    Bif- I had him on Cosequin with not much luck, which is why we switched to Polyglycan.

    Alanna- Glad they resolved the issues. It can be very worrisome sometimes!

    I will update after his appointment :)

  4. Be careful with the BOT boots. If you leave them on for too long to start he'll "blister". Happened to Silver. Thought he was going out at night and told the BO to take them off before he went out. Well he stayed in and didn't go out until the morning...now he has a nice patch of white hair on the top of his hock from it.

  5. Thanks Alexis! I was just planning on using them before rides or if I was at the barn. I did read some reviews about that happening. Scary!!

  6. Hope Romeo is feeling better soon!

  7. Crossing my fingers that it works! :)

  8. Best of luck!!! He sure is adorable, I love the last pic!