Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relaxing Day at the Barn

I love normal barn days. Seriously, after a bunch of hectic happenings, like an emergency, intense amounts of school, or sickness, aren't you happy when there is nothing exciting to report? I just got done with exams, and I just wanted to be with my horse and enjoy listening to him munch on hay.

I had a nice lesson on Johnny today and we practiced the 2 stride in and out in the covered. We got it up to 3'3'', and we decided to quit because he's just honestly not in great shape.

I set up his new Freedom Feeder. He previously had 2 mini/trailer size nets, but it was just becoming too much work for my lazy self to stuff them EACH full of hay. So he got an extended day! It was extremely easy to set up, and I am excited that the new Freedom Feeders have safety snaps. So if, per say, a hoof got over the top (no idea how that would happy but just in case), it would simply break the snap! Happy day.

Isn't it beautiful?!

Here are Beezie and Happy enjoying a nap in the office. Life is rough at the barn. Did everyone else have an uneventful weekend?


  1. Corgi!!! Love those little bastards.

  2. They are ridiculous aren't they? I have 2 and they are hilarious. That is my trainer's, but still. Fiesty little things.