Thursday, October 13, 2011

Abandoned Horse...

My friend texted me about an abandoned OBESE abandoned horse. I do NOT need another horse. No sir. Maybe when the right horse comes along, but not anytime soon. I have two horses in two different states and I think that is plenty enough for one person to already be doing two disciplines.

So, what do I do? I play the "free pony" card to Betsy. We need a new school horse. Anyways, we went out to the girl's barn where the horse lives. He's not necessarily the most beautiful...a little fugly in my opinion. Somewhere between a Quarter Horse and a Morgan, something went horribly wrong. But he is so ugly, he is cute. He hasn't had his feet done in a year and probably needs his teeth done as well. He just wants to be loved, and learns VERY quickly. He hasn't been in human contact for over a year until this week, and all he wants is to be rubbed on and attention. He is a total ham.

We are thinking about calling him Walter. A homely name for a homely horse with a new beginning :) He needs some TLC and a major diet. Dirt lot and grass hay anyone?

Without further ado, meet Walter:

He is getting his coggins pulled tomorrow and if all goes well, he is coming home early next week.


  1. That's exactly what my friends and I do. I do need another horse...but don't you!? :) He looks pretty cute to me from that angle.

  2. Thank you! We are excited about him, especially to bring him to a place where he will be doted on every day. I will have to do some more updates when he comes home and we start working on him :)

  3. Aw, I'm glad you found a home for him. He looks cute, if a smidgen on the chunky side.

  4. Absolutely awesome (Walter is a very lucky boy ;o)

  5. thank you!! i will take more pictures when he get's cleaned up.

  6. aww Reags, Im so glad you guys took him! I love the name Walter :)