Sunday, October 23, 2011

One week until Chatt Hills

And Romeo is being a bum.

You see this??
Rufus, one of our barn dogs, is sun bathing and doesn't seem to mind getting covered in hay.

This is what happens with his hay when it's not in his Freedom Feeder. He borrowed Kipling's stall for the weekend because Romeo makes a huge hole in his because, let's just say, he has great aim. He's probably happy because Kipling's stall has fancy dancy mats in it.

I'm already so nervous about the event!!! We leave Friday morning and it's about a 5 hour drive from here. I'm going to try to ride him every day until then, because he really does need the work. He is still pretty tubby. Saturday is Dressage and Show Jumping, and Sunday is Cross Country. Weeee!


  1. Good luck! Have fun! I will anxiously await the results update :)

  2. wahhh i'm already so nervous!!!!! i hope it goes well :)