Monday, October 24, 2011

Fly Bonnet Contest

Secretly, I've always wanted Romeo have a fancy fly bonnet. First of all, I can get it made in his eventing colors. Second of all, I even sort of have a reason for it. When his mane or his forlock touches his ear, he shakes his head. It not very fun when you are cantering along in SJ and then all of a sudden it feels like your pony is having a seizure.

So, I found this contest! It seems pretty easy to enter, just follow directions here.

I am drooling a little. Wish I was kidding.
How cute would that look on a blue roan pony in navy and baby blue!

This is making me think that it would be fun to run a contest. If I did, would anyone want to participate? I love getting everyone involved in things!


  1. Tweeted this! thanks!/De_La_Coeur

  2. *Of course* a contest would be awesome! Speaking of which, I'm going to head over and enter that contest :) Those fly bonnets are really neat!

  3. Memphis has one - navy with purple and silver trim! I entered the contest and subscribed to the site. Contests are fun. Good post Reagan!