Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Rode Romes for the first time today since he has had 2 of his shots of the loading dose. Well, one shot Polyglycan, and one shot Legend while we wait for his other Polyglycan to come in. RedBud Farm (where Romeo lives during the school year) put on a little open house and schooling show. It was a lot of fun! I got on and rode the Romes around and, while I hate to say it too early, I think he is feeling back to his old self. He was defintely feeling his cheerios today! He stuck his head between his knees a few times and halfheartedly tried to get me off. Time will tell if this is working, but so far, so good! I will be curious to see how he feels when we do some dressage schooling. Well...I like to think it's dressage schooling. We try.

So Johnny lives back in Memphis, where my other trainer is. So every weekend, I drive 6 hours round trip to school him a few times before I come back to school for the week. When you have a previously suicidal horse (kidding...kind of) it's a little nerve racking to leave them "unattended" (aka without me staring at him to make sure he's still breathing) for days at a time. He's been doing just wonderful lately.*knock on wood* The last 4 or 5 times I came out he hasn't been bleeding or anything odd so I'm very happy with him :)

And fortunately, I have the best mom in the whole world. She has an extensive horse background, which has always been very, very nice to have around, I will say. She goes out a couple times a week and makes sure he has hay in his nets and checks on him. She sometimes does supplements too! Today she even picked his stall and let him eat "buffet style" for a while. He is SO spoiled. Both of my kids are.

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