Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bummer Dude

So after starting Romeo on some remaining Polyglycan at our barn, I went to purchase some more. Well guess what? It hasn't been on shelves since this summer! Just my luck. I can't fathom using Adequan and Legend together ($$$$$)! I did a good 2 days of freaking out and calling different vets and
companies to see if anyone had any stock left, and finally bit the bullet and called Arthrodynamic.

They said it was back in the warehouses! Yay!!! And Lovely Lisa from Farmvet was so sweet to call me back today and leave me the happiest message they they had just that minute gotten word in that they would be receiving a shipment soon.

Hallelujah! Romes and I are saved.

Be prepared you fierce Beginner Novice competitors. Be prepared.

Kidding! I do hope this well help. If this doesn't, I'm thinking about trying Pentosan as well. We will find some combination that works...it might just take a while, and fortunately he only has one more event before the winter, when we will have time to sort things out. This is the first year in his 18 years of life that he ever gotten any joint supplements or meds, so I definitely think he deserves it :)


  1. Just found your blog! I have one of my mares on Adequan. A lot of people have recommended Polyglycan. I should look into it! :)

    ~Ashley @ www.theprocessoflearning.com

  2. Just have to comment that I love that you're still competing Romeo! I have a 21 year old QH that I competed in our first recognized event over the summer. She too has never had joint problems and isn't ready to retire. People shouldn't underestimate the 'old guys'!

  3. Ashley- I will have to let you know how to works! I hope it works well. I was able to get it from Farmvet for like $42 a shot or something.

    TBA- yes! thank you! That is awesome. I wish you two the best of luck!