Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend in MS

I spent the whole weekend in MS instead of going home. And today, what did I do? I watched all 3 hours of Forrest Gump instead of riding. In my defense, I had never seen it before! T minus 12 days to Chattahoochee Hills and I was very unproductive. Fatty needs to shape up! I guess I will either do trot/gallop sets tomorrow or some dressage schooling. I did hack him Friday and he was much more supple and willing to the left than the had been a couple of weeks ago before the Polyglycan.

"Wait...YOU are gonna ride ME??? I thought I was still on vacation!"

*Nom nom* empty bucket that smells like beet pulp
"I heard there were cookies in this where they come from?"

 Don't worry he didn't come inside. He at least knows better than that. I spoil him and I let him get away with too much! But he is fun-sized and cute :/ It's so hard!!! I don't like being the "mean" mom.

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