Friday, October 7, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I just had the realization this morning that I'm probably going to have to do something that I absolutely despise doing.


The word burns in my mind. When I was about 14, my mom bought me my own set of Andis clippers to clip my pony. Romeo was never bad about clipping (except ears) so I never thought it was so bad. Then I met Johnny. Unlike Romeo, who secretly loves the vibrating clippers, Johnny does not like them. Now for the most part, he is great. Until I get to his legs and head, which are super fun for both of us. NOT. I don't really like to sedate him because he is a really bad drunk. He is such a light weight even a pony sized dose will knock him out.

Now, usually I manage. I think to myself: "Okay, Reagan, it's only one horse. You can do this. You are only going to hairy for a couple days." But now that I am showing BOTH horses towards the end of October and beginning of I going to have to clip Romeo AND Johnny? I might just die. I have nightmares after clipping about looking like this afterwards:

Well...except in black and white hair (minus the horns and tail too...)

Ughh, *shudder*. It makes me itchy just thinking about it. So, I'm wondering, what about a partial clip for Romeo? Are eventers allowed to do this and compete like that? Like a trace clip or something. Johnny has to have the full monty, unfortunately.

I will say it looks nice when it's done, but I hate the slow grueling process of making everything look nice and leaving no lines. We will see. Maybe I won't have to...but my horses sure are fuzzy.


  1. As far as I know, there is no rule of any sort about clipping eventers.

    I am not an expert.

  2. You can do whatever you want, clipping wise, except FCC illegal words clipped in to the coat. :-)

    XC and stadium are objective, and in dressage, a trace clip/blanket clip/full clip/hunter clip/hybrid clip are all 100% OK. A furry horse is also OK.

    I would say you see trace or full clips most often in my area. No one will look twice, even if it isn't perfect.

    As long as Romeo won't get over heated or too tired, he doesn't *have* to be clipped, especially if it is just for one relatively-soon show, and he won't be in enough work over the winter to justify clipping, blanketing, etc. Maybe an Irish clip?

  3. Thanks guys! Spent a good amount of time on that website, Bif.

  4. I am glad Smemphis is not too furry yet. I am trying to hold off on clipping him as long as possible (if I have to do it at all) because his coat looked so incredibly awful when he came to us (clipped). Even though he's been on supplements and looks 100% better I'm still feeling paranoid.