Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uh oh...I went overboard.

After SprinklerBandit and Filly's Best Friend told me about Amigos, I finally decided to give up on Rhinos and Rambos and go for the Amigo line, except it had to be in 1200 denier, because Romeo is kind of rough on his blankets (see the post below).

I ended up buying this turnout sheet from here . I got it in our eventing colors. Adam's Horse Supply had a $20 off coupon code too.

On top of that, if you bought that sheet you could get 1/2 off a neck cover. $25 neck cover? How do I say no to that?!!

And on top of THAT, I got a free Amigo Halter and Lead rope set in our eventing colors.

Then, I just happened to *stumble* on an Amigo Med Weight Stable blanket in our colors and in his size (I hope) for only $39.95 + $10 shipping from here.

I mean, really? Necessary? Probably not. Cute? Definitely. Plus, I can put it UNDER the sheet and neck cover to make it into a "med weight" turnout because he doesn't have one.

And I bought him a Navy Rhino Stable Sheet last week...I'm going to sit in time out now. I'm done. I promise.

Hi, my name is Reagan, and I have a problem.


  1. YAY!! Your horse will thank you :) Guess what, I have that SAME stable sheet and its the best thing EVER! Seriously, it keeps them soo warm, no rubs, and very easy to wash and repair. I too have a problem :)

  2. Thanks for telling me about the sheet! Hopefully it will work :)

    I know he will thank me...but I definitely wasn't planning on spending that much!

  3. I love shopping for horse clothing. I'm sad I don't have any excuse to purchase blankets this year. My husband is not sad! You picked some great blankets, I have a few Amigos! And, in case something gets ripped, I just picked these up and am going to attempt some DIY repair:

    And hey - it comes in Navy. FTW!

  4. That looks like some great repair tape :) I will hopefully not need any but that is what I'm going to get if need be. Thanks so much KC!

  5. Haha, I feel the exact same way when I buy a couple things for the horses - time out! No more, please!

  6. My horse has a better wardrobe then I do :) Love new blankets!