Monday, October 17, 2011

Blanket Woes

I have been putzing around, trying to find Romeo a new turnout sheet. His old turnout sheet somehow got lost during his lease in 2007, and when I got him back, he had a "Splash's" turnout sheet that was a 74''. He's not exactly a 74'', he has always worn a 72'', but it was better than nothing!

It got pretty beat up last winter, and because it was too big it rubbed on his withers and cut into his shoulder.

and his 10 year old turnout sheet looks basically like this...

So it's offically time for a new turnout sheet.

He has a 69'' older HW Rambo that I found at a local tack shop in Germantown, TN for something ridiculous like $75 in perfect, used condition. It went through lots of blanket "wars" last winter and not a single snag. So I was more leaning towards a 69'' Rambo or a 72'' Rhino.

Yesterday, I just thought I'd take a little look see at the weather. Bad idea, Reagan. Very bad idea. Low of 37 Wednesday night. Naked pony?! I don't want to clip!!!

So I'm trying to find a Rhino on sale for a REALLY good price or find a used Rambo or Rhino, which is surprisingly hard to find in a 69'' or 72''. Lots of 69'' Rhinos and 72'' Rambos. Very annoying. Of course it has to look cute on him too.

I did find him a 69'' Rambo stable sheet that is in our colors for $25 and it is on our way to Starkville. Probably won't get here in time, but it is better than nothing :(

If anyone has a used Rambo or Rhino laying around in the fat man's size, let me know!!


  1. im can sympathize with you on this i am looking for a new blanket as well.the ones i do have in storage look similar to the state of the one in your pic.torn or just very rough looking and also don't fit.
    try to fit a 50-60 sz blanket onto a 80 sz wb just aint gunna
    thats a good steal for the 69 rambo in canada a rambo is an easy 150+ dollars new.
    good luck on your blanket findings.

  2. Yay blanket shopping! I managed to snag a nice amigo with the neck rug off of ebay in Izzy's size, but no luck on the rambos yet. Have fun.

  3. Have you tried the Amigo turn out sheets? They are GREAT and very inexpensive, like $70 normally. They are very hardy and fit nicely.

    PS, I did get your email on the freedom feeders, I am very interested in getting one of these!!

  4. I have two of these turn out sheets and LOVE them and they stand up to my horses neighbor who like to eat all of Henry's blankets... It's light and waterproof.

    If you want one with some fill, I have this one as well and love it too!

  5. Thank you guys!!!

    I will look into the amigo. I found one that I liked, I just wasn't sure if it would hold up. I did find a 1200 denier one which would probably work.